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Navigating Affordable Health Care Solutions for Mississippi Municipalities

The Mississippi Municipal League is sponsoring a unique health care partnership to bring affordable health insurance and access to better health care for Mississippi municipalities and their communities, particularly smaller communities in underserved areas of the State.

The new program has three parts: First, affordable health insurance through Ambetter from Magnolia Health. Second, access to superior, community-based health care through Vigilant Health.

Third, improved access to coverage and care through Mississippi Communities Health Advisers, a company created as a dedicated member services organization for those who buy Ambetter policies through the program sponsored by MML for its members and their communities.

A Three-Part Solution for Better Health

Each component is designed to address specific challenges in bringing good health care to Mississippi communities.

Affordable Health Insurance: Ambetter from Magnolia Health

One of the biggest hurdles people face when it comes to health care is the cost. Ambetter from Magnolia Health offers comprehensive major medical insurance at prices that are affordable for everyone. Because it meets the strict criteria required to be sold on the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, Ambetter provides subsidies to many individuals based on family income. These subsidies can substantially reduce the costs of both premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Over 90% of Ambetter members in Mississippi benefit from these subsidies, transforming health insurance into an attainable reality. Imagine obtaining exceptional coverage for something as vital as health care, at a fraction of the cost.

Elevating the Quality of Health Care: Vigilant Health

Ambetter and the MML are partnering with Vigilant Health to make its nationally recognized community-based clinics and health care services available to Ambetter policy holders with no charge of any kind to Ambetter members. Every individual who purchases Ambetter policies will have access to Vigilant Health clinics and services statewide with no out-of-pocket costs, no waits for care, and no limits on visits. Vigilant clinics are led by community physicians and work closely with community organizations. . Vigilant produces the same superior results in every demographic and type of market, including rural and under-served communities.

Clarifying Your Path:
Mississippi Communities Health Advisers

Mississippi Communities Health Advisors works with Ambetter and Vigilant to simplify the complicated and confusing world of health insurance and access to health care. MCHA is a dedicated member services organizations for MML communities. Its role is to provide essential information and guidance regarding choices, coverage, costs, and access for MML members and their communities. MCHA also supports Ambetter service representatives and the existing brokers and health care advisers of municipalities. MCHA’s role is to make its health care options understandable, convenient, and affordable for MML members and their communities.

The objective of Mississippi Communities Health Advisers is to provide affordable health insurance and quality health care for MML members and communities who need it and don’t have it. The goal is not to replace health care solutions that are working. MCHA and Vigilant Health work with community physicians, brokers, advisers, and organizations to keep critical health care services in local communities.

The MML will be providing additional information about the program in the days ahead.